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Fox Point Acupuncture aims to support and improve the wellbeing of individuals and families in the community through acupuncture, herbs, massage and bodywork, nutrition and lifestyle guidance.

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Hi! I’m Sibyl.

I am passionate about finding balance in life and also helping people take control of their own health and wellness. I believe that this process can be both exciting and empowering, and that acupuncture and East Asian medicine are invaluable tools along the way. My practice is open to anyone seeking health and balance. I especially love working with families and young children as well as those who suffer from migraines/headaches, digestive disorders or musculoskeletal aches and pains.

I encourage patients to seek acupuncture not just as a last resort, but as the first line of defense and support in their day to day life. I welcome all of my clients without judgement and feel honored to be a part of their health journey. I incorporate a wide variety of modalities into my treatments, as acupuncture is just one facet of my training and experience. I am trained in Tuina, a form of East Asian massage that is exceptionally good at treating musculoskeletal issues, and regularly use these techniques to aid my treatments. I also frequently use moxibustion, cupping, guasha and qigong meditation.

I attended college at Portland State University where I obtained my Bachelor of Science in micro/molecular biology. I received my Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine after four years of study and clinical work at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. I also am nationally board certified in Chinese herbal medicine.

In my free time I can be found hanging out and having fun with my husband and kids. We love cooking together, gardening and hiking around all of the green spaces in and around this beautiful city.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What does acupuncture treat?
Acupuncture treats just about every condition and ailment out there. It is most commonly known for treating pain. However, it is also very helpful for menstrual disorders, seasonal allergies, pre and postnatal support, insomnia, anxiety, emotional support, headaches, digestive disorders, common colds and even weight loss. Acupuncture is helpful for just about everyone no matter their age or health.

Does acupuncture hurt?
Acupuncture involves the insertion of single-use sterile filiform needles. These needles are very fine and are often not felt at all. Sometimes there is a slight sensation upon needle insertion but it will usually dissipate within a few seconds. It is common to feel a dull ache or warm feeling near the needles. Generally, people report a pleasant experience.

How many treatments will I need?
This is a difficult and important question. Every person and situation will get a different answer to this question. Generally, the longer you have been dealing with an issue the more treatments it will take to see progress. Chronic ailments can take a long time to affect while more acute problems will often see results much quicker.
Typically, it is best to be seen one to three times a week for a minimum of three weeks. The more frequently the treatments occur, the quicker the results start to show. During your initial treatment I will work with you to determine a plan that works for you and the medicine.

Do you accept insurance?
Yes! Fox Point Acupuncture accepts many insurance plans. Please inquire prior to your appointment and I will verify your benefits for you. I also cover motor vehicle accidents and workers compensation claims.


You are in good hands here, relax.
Sibyl takes time to tailor your acupuncture care for your needs RIGHT NOW. I have learned so much about my health and self care from her over the past year... and I am a health practitioner. Tried and true, Fox Point Acupuncture will set you right!


Treatments with Sibyl are the highlight of my week! I leave her clinic feeling my best every time. Thank you for helping me regain my health and well being.


I suffered from migraines for fives years before seeing Sibyl. With her help I have been headache free for three months! I cannot say enough good things about her, she has made my life so much better! Thank you!


I was scared of the idea of acupuncture. However, Sibyl has a gentle and calming presence and made the process enjoyable. She has made me a believer and I can't wait to go back for another session.


I would recommend Sibyl to anyone looking for an acupuncturist! She's got the healing touch. I started seeing her for back pain. Once she fixed that I kept going for stress and insomnia. She's made me a believer in acupuncture and moxa. Thank you Sibyl!